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Car rental company Naniko - a worldwide brand, already in Yerevan

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The increasing quantity of travelers determines need for car rental services worldwide, and Armenia is not an exception.  According to this, Car rental Naniko might seem like wonderful thing for anyone choosing to stay in Yerevan to feel comfortable and secure.   
The capital of Armenia has all assets to be modern along with pride numerous historical ancient monuments, galleries and museums located in the city, also the notable fact of magic view of biblical holy mountain Ararat – all this makes Yerevan an attractive destination for travelers.
When you decide to rent a car, first you should figure out what are your plans, directions and how long does your trip continue. Our company has an excellent advantages for the customers - unlimited mileage, which is a great option to cover long roads and no to be worried for the mileage you rack up – Rent a car Naniko is on your service.

Anyhow, people decide to rent a car for more rational aims than only visiting abroad with business purpose or traveling. Probably, all of us might have kind of situations when our friends or relatives come to visit for vacation and other reasons. In these cases, we need a vehicle to ensure enough space for whole group. The best solution is to rent a minivan and make the trip nice and unforgettable. It is also cheaper than taking a taxi or private driver with his own vehicle.
Moreover, what about those situations when you need a car for long period? For example, when you are planning long trip out of city, driving for summer vacation at several places? In that case renting a car for daily term is expensive, but fortunately, our company has special commitment for long-term car rentals without every day contract renewal, the agreement filled out and signed at the time of pickup. In addition, long-term commitment allows choice. There also are some discounts available for services such as additional. An additional driver can help you share driving duties and gives you some time to enjoy the landscape.

     Car Rental Company Naniko is oriented on consumer’s satisfaction during their stay in the capital of Armenia and offers kinds of facilities such as online booking system. Using our web-page you can overlook the whole catalog of our cars, with detailed description of each,  a person willing to rent a car can choose the most acceptable automobile with accessories such as GPS navigator, baby seat, mp3 player and so on. Our company also offers comfortable affords for pick-up and drop-off requests from any place, such as airport, hotel or even other town.
Car rental in Yerevan is associated with many other positive aspects. For example, if you’re thinking of buying a new car, for instance, hiring the same mark and model car gives you an assurance-free method of trying them out. You can rent one for a few days and will be able to see how it suits on your needs and interests for kind of aspects, such as size, fuel expenses, the way it drives and so on.
There is also an option for car leasing service. The contract period of renting a car or series of cars for long time is adjustable and fitted individually to each client.

The biggest advantage of car rental service is freedom of choice. So, you can take the perfect car fitted on your personal and business demands.

Wish you safe and enjoyable drive all along Armenia with Naniko Rent a Car!