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naniko car rental is a company which is oriented on customers satisfaction during stay in Yerevan. Through our company customers can access kind of services such as: rent apartments, car rental, and every  properties hiring which is decisive for travelers to fell superlative conditions  and make their journey unforgettable. 
Short-term commitment of Apartment rental, offers  services  such as daily, weekly and monthly rental which  is getting   increasingly  common extensive worldwide. Exception isn’t capital of Armenia. If customer looking for a place for living only short period, an apartment is commonly the best choice. Customer can negotiate a lease that fits about time period.   Apartment rental Yerevan proposing wide range of accommodation, such as flats, houses and  apartments.  Based on customers demand, company proposing them the most acceptable conditions and varieties of apartments.  Beside this, Customer can use online booking service and choose the most acceptable location and conditions of apartment. Using online booking system costumers can choose wide range of apartments, such as: one room, two room, studio type, dormitory and luxury apartments as well.   Our company offer housing in central part of Yerevan centrum and in suburbs too, this type of reservation is the most flexible and comfortable way.
According to worldwide travelers survey, statistics shows that most of them prefer to rent an apartment instead of guesthouses or hotels. Living in apartment has various advantages, there are numerous favor to hiring an apartment. Firstly, one of the notable pros of rental an apartment is that they’re ordinarily cheaper than staying in hotel or guesthouse. Secondly, when you living in apartment for a time you feel like you’re in your own home in contrast of hotel. This type of hiring properties is most flexible for business travelers, who could be faced with sudden changes of job relocation and  always moving place to place according their job. Also it’s cheapest way for international travelers who want to save money for housing and spend more for visiting attractions. But most of all, this type of accommodating is the best way for family travelers, due to the fact that housing in hotel suits are so expensive. Family travelers prefer to take self –catering apartments. Upon costumer request, our company offers apartments include kids corner and play ground for families, with children.  Beside this, our company offers long  term commitment for families, with list of exceptional conditions such as houses with fireplace, terraces, garden and other necessary facilities to create positive atmosphere for living family. One of the nice advantages is the fact that when you’re traveling foreign country it’s necessary to have contact with locals, to familiarize with them lifestyle and get new friends. For those all, living in apartment is the best chance to feel locals everyday lifestyle, because when you used self-catering apartment and shop for your dinner you mix with local people by the contact with neighbours. Along the day your kids might playing  in the playgrounds with neighbours children at the same time you meet other parents. And possibly  that night you’ll see these new friends at the local restaurant. This way of housing is flexible not for only international travelers also for local residents, whose budget is not enough for buying a home. 
Yerevan, the  capital of Armenia,  has all assets to be modern capital city and pride numerous historical monuments, all of them  with the friendly atmosphere, makes feel like at home. Due to the numerous historical ancient  monuments, galleries and museums located in capital of Armenia, also the notable fact of magic view of biblical holy  mountain  Ararat,   Yerevan is the popular destination for travelers.
Due to this popularity for international travelers, daily rental services getting more popular in Armenia, as well as worldwide.  Besides  the apartment rental, Rental Yerevan company offers car rental service. This service is more flexible than by a car In foreign country. Through our company’s online booking service, customer can choose the most affordable conditions and cars fitted their minds. Renting a car instead of buying new one can have a lot of advantages, if you don’t use car for every day buying your own car and pay taxes for  insurance, parking and other maintenance should be unnecessary expense.
Renting a car means that you drive only when you need.  If you planning to go outsight of city for a  weekend, or going to wedding, visit friends countryside, in that case renting a car daily or for two day is the ideal choice. 
When you decide to rent a car firstly you should figured out what you want, where you going and how long is your trip. Our company’s one of the best advantages is unlimited mileage, which is a great option if you have a lot of road to cover and don’t need worry about how kilometer you rack up.

But what about those situation when you need a car for long period? For example when you planning long trip out of city, going to summer vacation at several places? In that cases renting a car for daily for long time is get expensive, but fortunately for that cases our company has special long-term commitment for car rental. It means that after certain numbers of days here  is available discount and some free services such as free additional driver, free baby seat or GPS navigator. An additional driver to your car rental can help you share driving duties, and also give you some time to enjoy the landscape. Second options might be public transport, which is expensive, annoying and hassle. Long term car rental should be cheaper and more convenient than public transport. This service provides comfortable personal vehicle in lower price
Another advantage of long term car rental service is freedom, without every day contract renewal, all monthly agreement are signed and filled out upon pick up. Finally, long term car rental provides choice. You can pick the perfect car fitted  on your business or personal needs.

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